If the payroll maze is giving you a headache and you need a helping hand, then contact Nanny Payroll service to take the pain away.

What our Service Offers

A reliable and low cost comprehensive payroll service. Specially designed for employers of nannies and other domestic staff. We provide everything needed to meet Inland revenue requirements for the correct and timely calculation and payment of income tax and national insurance.

We are able to provide a fully managed weekly or monthly service.

Calculating the cost of Net or Gross pay

Pay for nannies is traditionally expressed as "Net" or free of tax. This involves an uplift on net pay to ensure the correct tax and NI are made on behalf or the nanny and that the correct NI contribution from the employer is calculated.

When agreeing a net pay salary for the nanny it is important to ensure that the nanny has a normal tax code. Where the code is lower than normal the employer will be liable for considerably more tax and NI.

Please feel free to Contact Us and we will be glad to give you a calculation

Appointing an agent with HMRC

By appointing us as your agent with HMRC we will deal with the HMRC directly on your behalf regarding any matters that arise from your payroll. Electronically file your annual return and correspondence from HMRC will come to us as your agent. We will deal with all issues on your behalf.

Our Fees

  Annual Fee (Inc VAT)
Monthly Service £235.00
Weekly Service £295.00
Two Clients Sharing Same Nanny  
Monthly Service £195.00
Weekly Service £260.00

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Free Advice on Payroll Issues

We offer free advice to the employer and the employee on all payroll matters.

For further information, please contact us and we will get back to you within 24 hours, or call (01536) 262100 to speak to a payroll advisor.

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